Kenneth Choi

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United States

Kenneth Choi Bio

Who is Kenneth Choi

Kenneth Choi is a well known american actor who is prominent for playing the character Henry Lin in the series Sons of Anarchy and also for his role Jim Morita in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger and Chester Ming in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Early Life (Childhood)

Kenneth is of the Korean decedent born and raised in Chicago, Illinois . He pursued to be an accountant at first and received his education from Purdue University but gave it all up to become an actor. He began his acting career from 1998.

Interesting Facts

He is currently 43 years old and had to gain around 25 pound of weight for his role in The wolf of Wall Street. His commercial of Priceline where he impersonated William Shatner was aired 2 times in the Super Bowl of 2009.

Personal Life

Choi is reluctant in speaking about his personal life in front of the media and likes to keep it hidden so not much is known about his wife or girlfriend or if he has children or not. He is not seen with many woman in public as well.


Kenneth is adored by his cast members and has landed many roles till date including around 20 movies and 40 series giving various performances . He has voiced in two video games; Grand Theft Auto : San Andres and Captain America: Super Soldier .


there have been rumors about Kenneth being gay because of the fact that he is not seen with woman in the public. noit much is known about his personal life and about his dating history so this rumor has not been cleared till date.