Javier Botet


Javier Botet Bio

Who is Javier Botet

An iconic and phenomenal actor, director and illustrator from Spanish nationality. Mainly notable for monster role in several horror movies. He is very inspiring and amazing person.

Early Life (Childhood)

Born in Ciudad, Spain as a son ofAndres Rodriguez Agustin and Maria Del Carmen. His childhood days and academic qualification is currently inaccessible.

Interesting Facts

Suffering from Marfan syndrome, that's why he is very thin and long. He portrayed a role in movies like The Revenant, Mama and [Rec]. Also played along side with Tom Hardy, Leonardo Dicaprio among others.

Personal Life

31 year old man is still single. There's no any information regarding his personal matters. Managed to remain silent on his personal affairs.


Rumors stated that he one who played the title character of the movie Mama. Later it was officially confirmed.