Shane Filan


Shane Filan Bio

Who is Shane Filan

Shane Steven Filan, an Irish singer and songwriter. After Westlife disbanded, where he was the lead singers, He started his debut solo album, You and Me, in 2013

Early Life (Childhood)

Filan was a fan of Michael Jackson as a child, and MJ became the inspiration for him to pursue his career. Also the Hawkswell Theatre also became a significant part for his career.

Interesting Facts

Shane Steven Filan was more With Westlife than his solo's albums. Filan has received twenty-eight platinum discs and sold 40 million records worldwide.

Personal Life

Shane Steven Filan married his childhood sweetheart, Gillian Walsh on 28 December 2003 and they together have three children, they have one daughter and 2 sons.


Shane Filan was more popular and received many awards in a group band Westlife, rather than his singles. Westlife had sold more than fifty million records.


The reunion of his first band Westlife was a rumor where Filan tweeted it not being true.