Sara Eisen

Television Personality
United States

Sara Eisen Bio

Who is Sara Eisen

Sara Eisen is a pleasant lady who’s popular for her pleasant conduct and beautiful personality. She is currently working in CNBC News channel as a news journalist.

Early Life (Childhood)

Sara Eisen was born in United State of America. Sara Eisen completed her Bachelor's degree from Medill School of Journalism and completed her Masters degree from Northwestern University. She was listed as one of the best scholars in business studies.

Interesting Facts

Sara Eisen is an American news correspondent and contributor who has a net worth of $300 thousand. She has started her career from Forex TV. She is well known for her coverage in the foreign exchange.

Personal Life

There is no proper information about Eisen’s personal life. It is said that Eisen is a married woman. She got married with her longtime boyfriend. The couple is blessed with two children who are both sons. Eisen is currently living life blissfully with her family.


Eisen is a successful news correspondent but has not been able to won any award till date.