Robert Blake

United States

Robert Blake Bio

Who is Robert Blake

A very talented and a handsome actor from America. Now he is retired from his professions. He is better known for portraying a role in the movie In Cold Blood and the American television series Baretta.

Early Life (Childhood)

As a child he was literally abused by his parents. He left the home at the age of 14. Then he initiated his career as a child actor. He served in a army then joined acting class from returning from there.

Interesting Facts

Robert stage name is Bobby Blake, Lyman P. Docker and Mickey Gubitosi. He is. small heightened man but has a great physique. Because of his sporting habits in his young days he recovering from bad health.

Personal Life

Blake was married twice in his life. Firstly with Sondra with whom he had 2 kids. They ended up in divorce. Secondly he married Bonnie Lee Bakley and has a daughter. She is dead.


He was charged guilty for his second wife's death. After she was shot in her head. Later he found innocent but have to pay hefty sum.