John Fishman

United States

John Fishman Bio

Who is John Fishman

Jon Fishman is an American drummer best known for his work with the band Phish. Fishman is also the drummer for Pork Tornado and sometimes Jazz Mandolin Project.

Early Life (Childhood)

Jon was born in Philadelphia to parents father, Len a retired orthodontist and mother Mimi a audience fixture. He went to Jamesville-Dewitt High School in a suburb of Syracuse, and after graduation in 1983, he attended the University of Vermont to study Engineering.

Interesting Facts

Jon Fishman is an American drummer and musician who have a net worth of $60 million dollars. He is also known for his vacuum and other instruments, for a particular dress, and for some unusual song selections.

Personal Life

Jon was married to Pam Tengiris in Las Vegas in on September 28, 1997. They got divorced. He is then married to Briar, with whom he has three children - Ella Cynthia Ruth, Jack Bradley, and Rosie.


Fishman was voted #11 on the list of Most Intriguing People of 1997 on People's web site. Phish drummer Jon Fishman received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Syracuse Area Music Hall of Fame.


There is a rumor that Jon Fishman is in talks with VH1 to be part of the 6th season of The Surreal Life.