Jenna Wolfe

Television Personality

Jenna Wolfe Bio

Who is Jenna Wolfe

An American multi talented and a versatile lady,Jenna Wolfe  is a journalist, fitness expert and personal trainer. She was correspondent, co-anchor and news anchor on NBC. Now she left it.

Early Life (Childhood)

Jeena was born in Jamaica later her parents moved to America. The she joined SUNY Geneseo and later graduated in Bachelor of Arts degrees in French and English from Binghamton University.

Interesting Facts

This hypnotizing and charming lady can speak English, French and Creole. Except journalist, she has remarked herself as a judge on Food Network's Iron Chef America.

Personal Life

Wolfe is a lesbian. She has a relationship with Stephanie Gosk. She has two children with her. The four of them is living happily together.