China Anne

Television Personality
United States

China Anne McClain Bio

Who is China Anne

An American singer-songwriter, actress, musician and a dancer who has been active in the American entertainment world since her early age. Rose into fame after appearing as Chyna Parks in the Disney Channel's series A.N.T. Farm.

Early Life (Childhood)

Since her parents, both belongs to music world, she also got interest on to music since her early age. Currently LA, California with her family.

Interesting Facts

Is an active member of Screen Actors Guild. Loves when there is the time for hair and make up during the filming time. Is a funny, talented, extremely disciplined personality having the mature self-control.

Personal Life

Currently single. Had once dated with her co-actor of the A.N.T Farm, Jake Short. They started dating in 2012 but separated in 2013.


Has maintained her versatile personality of acting, singing and dancing with ease. Still in mid teens. Has long to go.


There is no any rumor or controversy available in any media on her.