Jeff Fenholt

United States

Jeff Fenholt Bio

Who is Jeff Fenholt

An American singer Jeff Fenholt who is best known character in the adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar. He is also a song writer and a musician.

Early Life (Childhood)

Jeff used to perform from his early age in school in various functions. He traveled a lot in his early age and also he was a big troubled youth for juvenile delinquency record.

Interesting Facts

Jeffrey Craig "Jeff" Fenholt, or simply "Jeff" he recorded a Disco LP called "Smile" in 1978 and with that he almost earned 3 million dollars.

Personal Life

Jeff's first wife was Reeni but the divorce, now he is with Kim. There are no details about when he started to date Kim or even the year of their marriage.


The conversion into Christianity was a big rumor as he was heavily addicted to alcohol and drugs.