Jayson Williams

United States

Jayson Williams Bio

Who is Jayson Williams

Jayson Williams is a former NBA pro player. He was initially selected by the Phoenix Suns in the 1990 Draft and very soon traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. His two years career with Philadelphia 76ers beginning from 1990 was mostly consumed as a bench player before being traded to the New Jersey Nets, There too, he was hard pressed to earn starting position. But after only 12 starts in his first three seasons he finally earned a full-time starting position in the 1996-1997 season.

Early Life (Childhood)

Williams was born in Ritter, South Carolina to his mother Barbara Williams and father Elijah Joshua Williams. He attended Christ the King High school and St. John's University, both located in New York and both being a Roman Catholic education institutes. He played on the basketball team for both.

Interesting Facts

In 2010, Williams was convicted of accidentally shooting the limousine driver, Costas Christofi on February 14, 2002. He was released on parole after serving 18 months in prison. He was charged for a number of other incidents apart from the aforementioned gun-shot.

Personal Life

In December 1999, Williams was married to Kellie Batiste but it was not even a year before they divorced. In 2000 he remarried to Tanya Young, who filed a divorce in 2009.


Williams was selected for the 1998 NBA All-Star game which was his first and only appearance for such event.