Jay Kae

United Kingdom

Jay Kae Bio

Who is Jay Kae

Musician and rapper, Jay Kae rose fame after being handpicked by Red Bull Studios to be one of the captains of their rap battle project Grime-A-Side in 2016 with members Deadly and Mayhem.

Early Life (Childhood)

He started taking music seriously at around the age of 18.

Interesting Facts

He was a close friend of rapper Depzman, who was killed at the age of 18 on Sep 21, 2013. He earned a significant portion of wealth as a musician. His net worth is unknown.

Personal Life

He has revealed little info about his private life. His fans are less known about his affair, dating history, or marriage life. The rapper, JayKae also has a child. However, the mother of the child has not been revealed.


As a music sensation, he might have won numerous awards but more than that he has massive of fans and admirers from around the world.


He has been successfully maintaining a right public image throughout his career and has not been involved in any controversies till date.