Ida Maria


Ida Maria Bio

Who is Ida Maria

is a rock musician and songwriter from Norway best known for her fiercely energetic and alternative pop-punk music, full of excitment.

Early Life (Childhood)

Grew up in the small town of Nesna in Helgeland, Norway. No any information is found on her early life or education.

Interesting Facts

Taught herself to play guitar and started to perform at local concerts when was fourteen. Reported to have the neurological phenomenon of synesthesia where she gets envisions of colors when hears the music.

Personal Life

There is no any current or past relationship history available on her. She has been discreet on her personal life.


Nominated for Best Rock/Indie Artist category at the BT Digital Music Awards 2008 and won two Norwegian national competitions for unknown artists titled Zoom urørt 2006 and Urørtkonkurransen 2007.


There is no any rumor found on her in any media till date.