Enca Haxhia


Enca Haxhia Bio

Who is Enca Haxhia

Beautiful and bonafide Albanian singer who gained world wide recognition after releasing music single called "A po t'pelqen" (Do you like it.) She also competed in Top Fest.

Early Life (Childhood)

Enca was born in Tirana , Albania. Since her young days she desired of becoming singer. Information regarding her parents is unknown. They all belongs to Albanian Orthodox descent.

Interesting Facts

She used to upload cover songs of artist like Lady Gaga, Rita Ora and Jessie J.on her YouTube channel. Her birth name Ruensa Haxhiaj, hair color is dark blonde and color of eye is dark brown. Enca's body measurement is Ruensa Haxhiaj.

Personal Life

After being so popular and so successful she has managed to remain silent on her personal life. No media houses are able to traced down her dating history.