Duff McKagan

United States

Duff McKagan Bio

Who is Duff McKagan

A supernova who has gained a global recognition after collaborating as the bassist of the popular rock band Guns N' Roses. After separating from GNR he launched his solo career and re-up with GNR at 2016.

Early Life (Childhood)

Alice and Elmer "Mac" McKagan gave him birth in Seattle, Washington. He has seven siblings and his brother Bruce trained him to play bass guitar. He left school and received GED.

Interesting Facts

Duff has an astonishing net worth of $20 million. Duff is the one last man standing who met Kurt Cobain on a flight just 3 days before his death. He has also appeared in the movie The Dead Pool and a documentary. Duff has written a column for SeattleWeekly.com, Playboy.com, and ESPN.com.

Personal Life

He has two daughters with his wife Susan Holmes. Previously he was married to Mandy Bix and Linda Johnson. Grace Elizabeth and Mae Marie McKagan are his daughters.


He is the inductee of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.