Dolph Ziggler

United States

Dolph Ziggler Bio

Who is Dolph Ziggler

Nicholas Theodore Nemeth but mostly well known as a Dolph Ziggler is not only a professional wrestler but also an actor and stand up comedian.

Early Life (Childhood)

Dolph, was born in Cleveland, Ohio and he attended St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio, where he was an amateur wrestler at that time.

Interesting Facts

Nemeth has a body weight of 213lbs and he is 6 ft tall, and he has also won the title of World Heavyweight Championship match.

Personal Life

Dolph Nemeth had a couples of names linked up when it comes to relationship with multiple divas like Amy Schumer, Nikki Bella, Tammy Sytch.


In 2014, Dolph Nemeth was named up to be "WWE Wrestler of the year", He has also won the The four-time Intercontinental Champion during one of his reigns.


Dolph Retiring in 2017, has been covered by many medias but he hasn't said any officially to any of them.