Dell Curry

United States

Dell Curry Bio

Who is Dell Curry

Dell Curry is a famous American basketball player. He was the member of national team of USA . He is known as all time leader with the point of 9839. He now works as a commentator as his retired life.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born in the city name Harrisonburg, Virginia. He has got the education from Fort Defiance High School which is located in Fort Defiance, Virginia. He broke his wrist at the age of 9 although he didn't stop practicing and practice with one hand.

Interesting Facts

He has played a lot game with a score of 9839 and retire. He was awarded with different award like he has been NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 1994. and many more award has been given to him for being the outstanding player.

Personal Life

Dell Curry had marry to Sonya Curry. They had three child. Stephen Curry is the youngest son of Dell Curry and Sonya Curry. Seth Curry who was born as there second son. Sydel Curry is there only daughter among there child.


He is been awarded with all time leading scorer. He is also been awarded with metro conference player of the year . He was also a regular vote receiver of the NBA 6th man of the year.


There was a controversy that Curry could Join Charlotte Hornets in 2017 when he becomes a free-agent three years from now . There is no any other specific rumor or controversy about Curry .