Daryl Hall

United States

Daryl Hall Bio

Who is Daryl Hall

A real music talent, Daryl Hall is a great musician who is kind of amazing as a keyboardist and guitarist. He is also gifted with an amazing voice.

Early Life (Childhood)

Daryl Hall was born in a musical family on 11th of October 1946 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States. Both of his parents were a singer.

Interesting Facts

Besides his music talent and his gifted voice, he is also known for his long blonde hair. He also has a towering height and it measures six feet and once inch.

Personal Life

His first married life with Bryna Lublin lasted for only four years as it got dissolved in 1973. He is now married to Amanda Aspinall.


He has also been nominated in Grammy Awards.


He is the patient of Lyme.