Bill Gates

Business Person
United States

Bill Gates Bio

Who is Bill Gates

Bill Gates is an American business magnate, investor and computer inventor and programmer. In 2000 he became the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. In February 2014 he became the Chairman of Microsoft.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born to William H. Gates, Sr. and Mary Maxwell Gates. He have an elder sister named Kristi and a younger sister named Libby. He attended Lakeside School when he was 13 years old. He also attended Harvard College.

Interesting Facts

His net worth is 79.3 billion. His birth name is William Henry Gates III. The first program he used was tic-tac-toe game. On his SATs he scored 1590 out of 1600. In 1977 he was arrested for driving without a license in Mexico.

Personal Life

On January 1 1994 he got married to Melinda French. The couple together have daughters named Jennifer Katharine Gates and Phoebe Adele Gates and son named Rory John Gates. The couple together resides in the Gateses’ home.


He won National Medal of Technology and Innovation in 1992. In 2010 he won Silver Buffalo Award and Bower Award for Business Leadership. He also won Bambi-Millennium Award and Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award in 2013.


He was rumored to be introverted as his wife must often introduce him to people.