Andrew Orozco

United States

Andrew Orozco Bio

Who is Andrew Orozco

Man with many hats,Andrew Orozco is a actor,dancer and model. He is best known for her role in hit movies like 'The Lone Ranger and 'The Twilight Saga'.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born in Salt River Pima Tribe. He was beaten very badly by others kids and his father sent him in martial arts. He had even done cage fighting.

Interesting Facts

Andrew loves motorcycle and magic and plays paino and guitar. He has danced with iconic celebrities like Britney Spears, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Pit Bull among others.

Personal Life

As he hasn't spoken a word about his girlfriend, he had once dated his girlfriend but they ended their relationship. He hasn't publicized her name.He is patient of borderline diabetic.


He is featured in 21st Century SkinsNative Men's Calendar and was highly signified in Native American Indigenous Awards in 2011. He is also regarded as “The Sexiest Native American Man”.


There are several rumors that the Sage Stewart is computing with him. Likewise after appearing along with Kiowa Gordon in most of the events, seems like something is happening fishy over there.