Adrian Zmed

United States

Adrian Zmed Bio

Who is Adrian Zmed

Actor, singer and television personality Adrian Zmed is popular for his roles in T.J Hooker TV Series and in Grease 2. He was born in Chicago, Ilinois, US. He had his breakout role as Jay O'Neill in Bachelor Party, in 1984.

Early Life (Childhood)

Youngest of the 3 brothers, Adrian graduated from Lane Tech High School in Chicago. He used to play soccer in his high school team until he broke a bone while playing and which resulted a puncture in major artery. That is when he quit sports and began acting.

Interesting Facts

He was a handsome hunky actor of 1980s. He speaks English and Romanian. His acting mentor was William Shatner. His son Zachary is a member of a band called The Janks.

Personal Life

His grandparents were Romanians who immigrated from Timi?oara in the early 20th century. Adrian's first wife is his high school sweetheart with whom he has two sons. Zmed had married New Zealand actress/singer Susan Wood which also ended in divorce. He current wife is Lyssa Lynne since 2012.