Alejandro Sanz


Alejandro Sanz Bio

Who is Alejandro Sanz

An award winning and multi genre singer-songwriter and musician from Spain. Hr rose to fame after releasing his second album Viviendo Deprisa and later gained worldwide recognition from the album Más. He has also associated with the singer Shakira.

Early Life (Childhood)

Born in Madrid,Spain to a parents María Pizarro and Jesús Sánchez. He first played his guitar at the age of 7 after being inspired by his father. Then he also learned to play flamenco. 

Interesting Facts

This amazing man has a net worth of $5 millions. He loves paintings. When her mother broke his guitar as it was disturbing, he was attracted to flamenco. He has a very down to earth raspy vocal. In his teen days, he used to perform in many places of his hometown.

Personal Life

His personal life is very vicissitudes. Firstly he married Jaydy Michel with whom he has a daughter Manuela Sánchez Michel. Then he hooked up with Valeria Rivera and had a son. Again he dated Raquel Perera and had a son with her. Then he married her and again gave a birth to their second child.


He was honored from Berklee College of Music in music degree and was nominated in many awards. Eventually wining 26th Lo Nuestro Awards, Latin Grammy Awards and Grammy Awards.