Yvette Fielding

Television Personality
United Kingdom

Yvette Fielding Bio

Who is Yvette Fielding

Yvette Fielding is a multi talented English lady. She is a TV presenter as well as an actress. She is also well known for being a producer.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was born in Manchester, United Kingdom at the end of 1960s. She has one brother named Rick Fielding who is also an actor.

Interesting Facts

Her net worth is expected to be around $3.5 million (£2.3 million). She is five feet and five inches in her height. She weights 62 Kg.

Personal Life

She has been tied in a married knot with love of her life Karl Beattie since 1999. She is the mother of two children named William Sweeny and Mary Beattie.