Wayne Carini

United States

Wayne Carini Bio

Who is Wayne Carini

Wayne Carini is the one of the renowned figure of the cars industry. He is best known as the presenter of the television documentary Chasing Classic Cars. There he instruct then to hunt the vintage cars and restore them in splendor one.

Early Life (Childhood)

Born in United States in a very poor family. His father was also a car restorer. Father Bob Carini and he used to modify numerous cars likeĀ  Duesenbergs, Ford, Packards and Lincolns. He help little Wayne every way possible.

Interesting Facts

Wayne has a spectacular net worth of $20 million. He is the owner of F40 Motorsports, Carini Carozzeria and Continental Auto Ltd. located in Portland. He holds numerous collections of cars.

Personal Life

Carini has two daughters with his wife Laurie Carini. His eldest daughter Kimberly Carini is suffered from autism and his second daughter Lindsay Carini is normal.