Vinessa Elizabeth

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United States

Vinessa Elizabeth Shaw Bio

Who is Vinessa Elizabeth

Vinessa Shaw is an American film actress as well as model.She was seen playing in horror film The Hills Have Eyes and also in a romantic movie Two Lovers.She also played in Eyes Wide Shut.

Early Life (Childhood)

She spent her childhood in Los Angeles,California.She was born to Larry Shaw and Susan Damante Shaw.Her full name is Vinessa Elizabeth Shaw.She studied in Barnard College.

Interesting Facts

Her net worth is about $9 Million USD.She is also known for her nick name Schwartz.She was also in a tour with folk singer Peter Alsop when she was 11.She was raised as a Buddhist.

Personal Life

She got married to Kristopher Gifford in 2008.As she was depressed, her father suggested her to follow buddhist religion.She is also one of the member of Buddhist Association for peace.


She was awarded with COFCA Award in 2nd place in 2008.In the same year she was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award.She was also nominated for Young Artist Award in 1993,1994 and 1995.


According to Viplaq Vinessa was rumored to be similar to Aaron Seigo.