Tomas Arana

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United States

Tomas Arana Bio

Who is Tomas Arana

Thomas 'Tomas' Clifford Arana is a well known American actor who is prominent for his role as Quintus in the 2000 movie, Gladiator . He has till date performed in 40 movies including The Three-legged Fox, Derailed and Chimera to name a few.

Early Life (Childhood)

Tomas was born in Auburn, California, U.S. His paternal grandfather was a Spanish Basque decedent whereas his paternal grandmother was Latvian ancestry. His mothers side come from Germany and Sweden.

Interesting Facts

Tomas is fluent in Italian as he has both United States and Italian citizenship. While living in Italy, he worked in Lucio Amelio Art Gallery. Artist Andy Warhol had painted his portrait that is now a part of a extensive art collection.

Personal Life

Not much ios known abouyt Tomas' personal life because he is reluctant in speaking about it to the public. He is currently 59 years old and has two sons. He is married but his divorce and split up information is not known to the media.


He was the producer and a leading actor in the Theater Company Falso Movimento which won many awards back in the days including Best Play of the Year, Best Set design and the Mandello Prize all under his supervision.


there have been constant rumors that Arana is gay because of the fact that he keeps his personal life private . These rumors are fallacious as he is happily married; other than that he has never been subjected to any kind of controversy.