Tom Wilkinson

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United Kingdom

Tom Wilkinson Bio

Who is Tom Wilkinson

Tom Wilkinson is a well known English actor who is prominent for his syuccessful movies like In the Bedroom, Michael Clayton and for his exceptional performance as character Benjamin Franklin the the Miniseries John Adam.

Early Life (Childhood)

Tom was born in Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, England and moved to Canada with his family where he graduated from the University of Kent and attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to pursue an acting career.

Interesting Facts

Tom is currently 42 years old and his net worth is around $15000000 and his yearly salary amounts to $1764706 and is at times regarded as one of the highest paid actors. He along with his wife has acted in The Kennedys.

Personal Life

Tom married the actress Diana Hardcastle in 1988. The couple have not had any reported split ups or divorce till date. They are happily living in North London . The couple are proud parents to two children named Alice and Molly.


Tom has received a BAFTA Award for the Best Actor in a supporting Role, a Golden Globe and a Prime time Emmy for miniseries. He is the receipient of 2 Academy Award nominations for his performance in In the Bedroom and


Tom is adored by the caste he works with so there are no controversies that he has been subjected to. However there was a rumor that he had died recently in 2015 but it was just a silly celebrity hoax played on him.