Tiffany Foxx

United States

Tiffany Foxx Bio

Who is Tiffany Foxx

Tiffany Foxx is a well known recording artist who came into the limelight after appearing in Snoop Dogg's album name Welcome to tha Chuuch: Da Album after which she has released three mix-tapes.

Early Life (Childhood)

Tifany was born St. Louise USA where she spent most of her childhood. Tiffany started playing Piano and clarinet when she was very young. She got her degrees from Franklin University.

Interesting Facts

Tiffany states that the artists like Eminem, Adele , Lil Kim and Lauryn Hill influenced her to pursue a music career. Tiffany, Scar Ladon and Brook hollaway formed a group named June 5th.

Personal Life

Foxx doesnot talk much about her personal life in front of the media. But what we known is that this 27 year old singer is not married and certainly doesn't have children.


Foxx has released 3 mix tapes named Yellow Tape, Gold Diggers and King Foxx respectively. Tiffany owns her very own clothing line named 'Drugs Clothing Line".


There are rumors that Fox is dating mentor, Lil Kim . There are also allegations that Lil Kim has had various plastic surgeries that she keeps denying which has also led a controversy between Foxx and Lil Wayne on twitter as Foxx defends Kim.