Ted Kennedy

United States

Ted Kennedy Bio

Who is Ted Kennedy

Edward Moore "Ted" Kenned popularly known as a Ted to was a reputated politician and lawyer. He was the United States Senator( Massachusetts) and a member of a democratic party.

Early Life (Childhood)

Kennedy was born in Irish-American family. He attended many schools as his parents moves a lot. He was fearless by nature.He enrolled at Harvard College and served in United States Army and lastly studied law at University of Virginia School of Law.

Interesting Facts

He was regarded as the second most senior member of the Senate.He had goy very hypnotizing charisma and oratorical skills.He was the one who passed many laws such as immigration, cancer research, health insurance,AIDS care to name few of them.

Personal Life

He was married twice. Firstly with Virginia Joan Bennett and had 3 kids but they ended up in separation. Later he tied a knot with Victoria Reggie Kennedy ended relationship after his death.


He was honored as a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II, Order of the Aztec Eagle, US Presidential Medal of Freedom and others.