Spencer Pratt

Reality Star
United States

Spencer Pratt Bio

Who is Spencer Pratt

Handsome and dashing television personality from America.He rose to fame after appearing in the hit series ‘The Princes of Malibu’and ‘The Hills’.

Early Life (Childhood)

Born in Los Angeles,California has one sibling.Pratt has done his undergraduate degree in political science at the University of Southern California.After that he left his studies.

Interesting Facts

Estimated net worth of Pratt is about $1000 million.He even became executive producer and creator of the series ‘The Princes of Malibu’.

Personal Life

He was married to his co-star Heidi Montang.But later they got divorced.He doesn’t have any children and there is no information regarding dating other girl.


Pratt has been nominated at Teen Choice Award for two times but didn’t won any award.But Yahoo’s fan-voted poll gave him the title of ‘Greatest Reality TV Villian’.


Heidi blamed that Pratt made rumour of sex tape of her and her former boyfriend.In Costa Rica,he was jailed while managing to board an aircraft with hurting weapons.