Sergio Franchi


Sergio Franchi Bio

Who is Sergio Franchi

Sergio Franchi ( born April 6, 1926 – died May 1, 1990) was an Italian-American tenor and actor. He got his rise in fame in the USA as a multimedia star and recording artist.

Early Life (Childhood)

Franchi was born in Sergio Franci Galli, Italy. His father was Neapolitan and his mother was Ligurian (Genoa) .During his childhood days, he used to for the family, while his father used to play the piano and guitar.

Interesting Facts

John F. Kennedy invited Sergio to sing the national anthem while performing at the Framingham Monticello in November 1963. He also sang at a huge Congressional Club luncheon honoring First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson.

Personal Life

Sergio and Yvonne Lindsey got married on February 14, 1953. They had a daughter and a son. They divorced on December 31, 1981. On June 14, 1982, he married again with Eva.


Sergio was honored by The Greater New Orleans Cultural Society with a special banquet and presented him the "16th Annual Italian American of the Year Award. He was also received honored with the Il Lecone di San Marco Award.


After Several years, Franchi revealed that he had to buy a record to learn the lyrics. It is rumored that President Kennedy asked him "Well, do you know the words?" before performing at the stage.