Scott Rudin

United States

Scott Rudin Bio

Who is Scott Rudin

An american film producer and theatrical producer. He won many famous awards like Emmy awards, Grammy awards, Oscar awards and Tony award and he was also the first producer to win these many awards.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born in Baldwin, New York. And he was raised in a Jewish family. From Long Island , he completed his schooling.He started assisting theatre producer Kermit Bloomgarden at the age of 16.

Interesting Facts

After school at the age of 18 he ran away which became the turning point of his life and he never had to look back since then.

Personal Life

It is public that he is a gay. And he is recently dating with John Barlow, who is also supposed to be gay. So that he doesn't have any any children.


His Net worth is $100 million and has been producing many movies yearly. He has won many awards for Best Theatrical Motion Picture, Grammy Award, Emmy Awards, Oscar Award and many more.