Phil Margera

Television Personality
United States

Phil Margera Bio

Who is Phil Margera

Phillip 'Phil' Margera is a well known American reality Television personality prominent for making appearances in television and movies like Viva La Bam , the CKY videos and Jackass. he is also an accountant.

Early Life (Childhood)

Phil was born and raised in Concordville, Pennsylvania along with rest of his six siblings 9 him being the second). Prior to entering his acting career, Phil was a baker. He first appeared in the CKY series film and then was seen in Jackass .

Interesting Facts

Phil is currently 57 years old and has a granddaughter named Ava whom he loves very much. He comes from an Italian ancestry. He is potrayed as a kind, easygoing and quiet kind of guy. he lost 18 kgs of weight down to 142 kgs in the show.

Personal Life

He met and married April Margera in 1976 in West Chester . The couple are parents to 2 children named Bam Margera and Jess Margera. There have been no split-up news, extra-marital affair or reported divorce till date.


Phil has not received any significant awards till date but he is adored by his family, cast members and his audience for being hard working and kind which is a big achievement in itself. He is the main cast member in Viva La Bam.


There was a controversy when Bam Margera reignited the rumors about having an affair with Jessica Simpson while she was still married and Phil supported Bam as well . This controversy later subsided and was cleared up.