Morgan Webb


Morgan Webb Bio

Who is Morgan Webb

A Canadian former host.She is known as the former host as well as producer of the video game-themed G4 show X-Play.

Early Life (Childhood)

Morgan Webb used to feature in different advertisements during her early days.She worked as a website administrator at dot-com company after graduating from UC Berkley and holds a degree of bachelor's in rhetoric.

Interesting Facts

Morgan Webb used to develop her computer skills during her free time.She have got brown eyes.She holds Canadian and American Citizenship.

Personal Life

Morgan Webb got married to Rob Reid in August 2006 at City Hall which was around San Francisco in California.She is the victim of astigmatism.She is called as Webbhead by her fans.


Morgan Webb net worth is about $1 Million USD.She was also the spotlight issue of Maxim magazine in July 2004.She was ranked 73 in 2005,62 in 2006 and 51 in 2007 as The 100 Sexiest Women in the World. article:


According to Morgan is upto something big.