Mindy McKnight

Web Star
United States

Mindy McKnight Bio

Who is Mindy McKnight

Founder of the Cute Girls Hairstyles YouTube channel who creates hair tutorial videos demonstrated by using her family. She was named a Top 25 of Woman of YouTube.

Early Life (Childhood)

Mindy was born in Utah. Her idea for Cute Girls Hairstyles actually came to fruition in 2001 when she was tired of the same old hairstyle for her 18 month old twin daughters.

Interesting Facts

In October of 2008, she decided to record the hairstyles in a blog format. She has been featured on ABCNews' 20/20, TODAY, Katie, Good Morning America, and the Anderson Live daytime talk show.

Personal Life

She is married to her husband Shaun. Together they have daughters named Brooklyn, Bailey, Kamri and Rylan,. They have also adopted children named Daxton and Paisley.