Machine Gun Kelly

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Machine Gun Kelly Bio

Who is Machine Gun Kelly

Richard Colson Baker (born April 22, 1990) is an American rapper, songwriter and actor from Cleveland, Ohio. He is popular by his stage names MGK and Machine Gun Kelly.

Early Life (Childhood)

Colson Baker was born in Houston, Texas, United States of America. He along with his family members moved all around the globe and took up residence abroad from Egypt to Germany.

Interesting Facts

DMX and Eminem are the one who influenced him to pursue his career in singing. He also used to listen the songs of rock bands Guns N' Roses and Blink-182 during his youth.

Personal Life

MGK has a child named Casie, he stated it on his website. He and the child's mother are no longer together but he claimed that they are on good terms.


DMX has been nominated in various awards and has won awards like Underground Ohio Music Awards, MTV Music Awards and many more.


DMX was an heroin addict but he managed to combat the addiction and was able to remain sober since 2010, suffering no recorded relapse since.