Lil Niqo


Lil Niqo Bio

Who is Lil Niqo

Lil Niqo is a Child rapper best known for his popular single "Television Love." He made his rap debut in 2011 at the age of twelve.He is a famous personnel in social networking sites.

Early Life (Childhood)

Early in his career, he signed a recording contract with Def Jam Records.The inspiration for this artist for choosing this style of rapping are various ones like A Tribe Called Quest, 2Pac, etc.

Interesting Facts

He worked with DJ Khaled on his debut 2011 single, "Ok Then. "He performed on BET's The Youngster Cypher in 2012.In the year 2016, he has come up with his song called I Know.

Personal Life

He grew up in San Diego, California, and his parents supported his pursuit of music.He has 430K followers in instagram.In such a tender age and with a short height he has made people fall in love with his work.