Lasse Lokken

Web Star

Lasse Lokken Matberg Bio

Who is Lasse Lokken

Lasse Lokken Matberg is a social media star. He is famous for his lasselom Instagram page.He is best known for his Thor-like look in modeling shoots.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was born on 11th of July 1985 in Norway. He also spent most of his childhood days in Norway. He is active there as a model.

Interesting Facts

It was 10th of May 2013, he first posted a pics of him in the Instagram. Now he is said to have more than 475,000 followers in his Instagram page.

Personal Life

Though he is popular for being a renowned social media star, he has not shared anything about his love life in the media yet. He is still single.


He is the former Royal Norwegian Navy.