Joni Ernst

United States

Joni Ernst Bio

Who is Joni Ernst

One of the active member of the Republican party, Joni Ernst is the famous American politician and she is now the US Senate from Iowa.

Early Life (Childhood)

Joni Ernst is an American native and was born in Red Oak, Iowa, USA. She grew up there and attended Stanton High School.

Interesting Facts

Like her husband, she also served in the US Army and was the lieutenant colonel. Till now, she is also the one and only veteran woman to serve in the US Senate.

Personal Life

Gail Ernst who was once the command sergeant major in the US Army is the loving spouse of Joni Ernst and they have also been parents of a sweet baby girl.


She was a talented child since her childhood days and she also holds the Master's degree from Columbus College.


She is against the use of medical marijuana and she has also voted against its bill.