John Ratzenberger

United States

John Ratzenberger Bio

Who is John Ratzenberger

John Ratzenberger, full name John Deszo Ratzenberger is a renowned American actor. He is also an entrepreneur. He is popular in the world for portraying his role in Pixar films.

Early Life (Childhood)

John Ratzenberger was born as John Deszo Ratzenberger in Bridgeport, Connecticut to Bertha Veronica and Deszo Alexander Ratzenberger.

Interesting Facts

John is also a writer and has written several plays. He grew up in London and was once an assistant to a surgeon. He was also fond of karate.

Personal Life

John has been married thrice. He was first married to Caroline and then he married Georgia Stiny in 1984. Presently, he is married to Julie Blichfeldt. He has two children with his second wife.


John has been nominated in several prestigious awards like Primetime Emmy Awards, MovieGuide Awards and many more.


It was rumored that he had some love affairs with Lindsay McGrail and they were also about to get married.