Jett Eaton

United States

Jett Eaton Bio

Who is Jett Eaton

Jett Eaton is an well known skateboarder from a young age and he has also gained television exposure on shows such as Disney's Getcha Head in the Game.

Early Life (Childhood)

Jett Eaton started skating at the age of 7 as he along with his brother at his family's run skatepark in Mesa, Arizona. a school that trains a number of junior X Games competitors.

Interesting Facts

He is most well known for being one of the youngest kids to start skating the 80 foot tall MegaRamp, opening doors for a new generation to follow.

Personal Life

Jett and his brother started skateboarding under their father's tutelage at a young age, with his brother Jagger commencing at four years of age.


at the age of 13, on December 2014, he has won Tampa Am, in Tampa, Florida, US. He is one of the youngest skateboarders to win the competition


no any rumor and controversy has found against him so far