Gordon Ramsay

Reality Star
United Kingdom

Gordon Ramsay Bio

Who is Gordon Ramsay

Two times Astra Awards winner, Gordon Ramsay is the great British chef and he is famous for being the owner of the Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea.

Early Life (Childhood)

Gordon Ramsay is British and he was born in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. He has two sisters and a brother and he is the second oldest child in his family.

Interesting Facts

As of 2015, he is one of the richest chef in the United Kingdom and his net worth is $118 million. He is of six feet and two inch tall.

Personal Life

Beautiful lady, Tana Ramsay is his sweet wife and they have been married since 1996. He has been the father of four beautiful children.


He was also crowned with the Irina Palm d'Or once.


At the end of 2002, he convicted a crime and was arrested.