Francois Pinault

Business Person

Francois Pinault Bio

Who is Francois Pinault

Francois Pinault,a famous businessman and art collector from France is a shareholder and honorary chairman of the well-known leading retail company Kering.

Early Life (Childhood)

He was a high school drop out because he was teased by his friends for being poor. He worked in his father’s timber company in his early days.

Interesting Facts

He has some of the rarest painting in the world. He has a net worth of $13.7 billion and ranked 65th in the world in Forbes List of billionaires.

Personal Life

He is self - made man and inspiration to many people. His wife's name is still unknown. How ever he has three children. Among them Francois- Henri is handling his business.


He is the top most ranked person of the world in art collection.