Dr. Amr Amr


Dr. Amr Ellissy Bio

Who is Dr. Amr Amr

Dr. Amr Ellissy is a TV personality and a journalist. He is also a radio personal and has hosted several radio shows. He is 2010 UNESCO laureate.

Early Life (Childhood)

He is Egyptian native and an Egyptian national. Besides this there in no any information about his birth place and birth date.

Interesting Facts

He is a talented writer and an author of several books. Till date he has published six books. He began his career from the early 1990s from a private Arabian TV channel.

Personal Life

He is a renowned name in the TV world but his personal profile is still a matter of secret. It is still unknown where he is single or married.


In 2008, he was awarded with Mostafa & Ali Amin.