Chris Broussard

United States

Chris Broussard Bio

Who is Chris Broussard

Arenowned American sports analyst who began his sports writing career from The Plain Dealer and is currently working at ESPN live, magazine and website. Chris mainly covers the NBA.

Early Life (Childhood)

Chris was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but grew up in middle east, graduating with a bachelors degree in English from Oberlin College at the age of 22.

Interesting Facts

Chris was in the Oberlin Basketball team.He weighs 52 kg. He is of mixed ethnicity and is a believer of Christianity. He is 45 years old and still looks very masculine and hansom.

Personal Life

He is married to girlfriend Crystal Naii Collins Broussard. This ouple have two beautiful children named Alexis Broussard and Noelle Broussard. There have been no such rumors about extra marital affair on both sides.


Chris has won Ohio AP Sportswriter Award, Ohio AP Sportswriter and feature writing Award, Professional Basketball Writers Award, Ohio Excellence in Jounalism Award and many more.


there have been no such rumors regarding Chris but there are certainly some controversial homophobic comments that he has given to people and which have been publicized.