Caroline Aherne


Caroline Aherne Bio

Who is Caroline Aherne

She is and English comedy actress and BAFTA award winning writer.People recognize her by her creation of series Mrs. Merton, The Fast Show and The Royle Family.

Early Life (Childhood)

She was born in Ealing, London and was raised in Wythenshawe, Manchester. Her family was Irish railway worker . She studied in Hollies Convent Grammar School. She studied drama from her childhood. She suffered from retinoblastoma in her left eye.

Interesting Facts

She is a beautiful actress having massive boobs which makes her sexy. She is blonde haired with blue eyed. She is priory suffered from depression, alcoholism and also constant smoking and bladder cancer, rare cancer of the retina.

Personal Life

She dated with two man after her divorce with Peter Hook and now she is currently single as she was married once only.She doesn't have any babies till now.


She was popular because of her series Mrs Merton, The Fast Show and The Royle Family. She was a BAFTA-winning writer and actress too. She was also engaged in BBC in award winning sketch series.


She is always in rumor about her marriage and about her health and her suicide attempt.