Brandon Michael Crawford


Brandon Michael Crawford Bio

Who is Brandon Michael Crawford

Globally recognized Iconic and dynamic profesignal baseball player from America. He plays as a shortstop for San Francisco Giants in Major League Baseball. He was named as Most Valuable Player twice.

Early Life (Childhood)

Crawford has spent his early years in San Francisco Bay Area. He joined University of California, Los Angeles as a shopomore of physiological science. He used to play baseball in his college days.

Interesting Facts

He has got strong and well maintained physique as well as handsome net worth of $1 million dollars. He is a brother in law of Jamie Dantzscher, Olympic gymnast. He is  regarded as a first shortstop player to attain a grand slam in a Major league baseball postseason.

Personal Life

Brandon is a married man. He is the father if two daughters and a son with his wife Jalynne Dantzscher. She is also a UClA gymnast. The couple tied knot in November 26,2012.


Due to his powerful and dedication playing habit he has received gold medal in FISU World Championship in 2006, All-Star in 2015, 2× World Series champion in 2012 and2014 Gold Glove Award in 2015 and Silver Slugger Award in 2015.


There were lots of fuzz about his sexuality. Many rumors told him that he is a guy. But it proved it wrong after marrying his college girlfriend.