Bianca Ryan

United States

Bianca Ryan Bio

Who is Bianca Ryan

An American singer, songwriter who won America's Got Talent when she was at age eleven.She is also a guitarist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Early Life (Childhood)

Bianca Ryan father is a huge fan of Rolling Stones and kept her name as Mick Jagger's ex-wife which she didn't like.She have got two brothers named Shawn and Jagger and also one sister named Isabella.

Interesting Facts

Bianca Ryan grandmother belongs to Japanese national but she was grown up Irish culture which is a interesting fact.She is also a champion of tap dancing and also a award-winner

Personal Life

Bianca Ryan is passionate in writing musics and singing.She have not publically announced her any relationship.


Bianca Ryan was complemented by Simon Cowell as she is the best contestant he got in the talent show which she think as the biggest achievement..Her net worth is $15.5Million USD.


Bianca Ryan was rumored that she lost her role of Hanah Montana to Miley Cyrus.