Baxter Neal

United States

Baxter Neal Helson Bio

Who is Baxter Neal

He is an American prosessional confined drummer in Ashland Kentuchy. He is best known as the ex husband of Tish Cyrus who is mother of Miley Cyrus.

Early Life (Childhood)

His information about childhood and birth date is not available in the media. He is interested in music from his early age. He is only known as the the step father of miley cyrus.

Interesting Facts

He is a good drummer and renown in the field of music after his work in Ashland Kentuchy. He has devoted much and contributed a lot in field of music.

Personal Life

He is married man. He married to Tish Cyrus. After that Tish Cyrus fall for Billy Ray Cyrus and start dating. They got married and Baxter Neal Helson children was also accepted by Billy Ray Cyrus.


He is a local drummer so not much information is available in media about him. He is good at his work and he is a good musician and contributed in music field.