Andrew O'Keefe

Television Personality

Andrew O'Keefe Bio

Who is Andrew O'Keefe

Andrew Patrick O'Keefe (born 1 October 1971) is an Australian entertainer and former lawyer. He is popular in the world as the host of the game show Deal or No Deal.

Early Life (Childhood)

O'Keefe was born in Sydney, Australia. He got his education from Saint Ignatius,Riverview school in Sydney, Australia. His father Barry O'Keefe was the former judge of Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Interesting Facts

O'Keefs was one of the founding members and an ambassador of the campaign in Australia which is active in schools, workplaces, sports clubs, councils and other community organisations.

Personal Life

O'Keefe is married to Eleanor. She is best known for her social work. They have three children, two boys and a girl.