Andrea Kremer

United States

Andrea Kremer Bio

Who is Andrea Kremer

Andrea Kremer is one of the most accomplished sports journalists on television. She currently works as the Chief Correspondent for the NFL Network as well as HBO's correspondent for the show Real Sports.

Early Life (Childhood)

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she graduated from Friends Select School in Pennsylvania and then became a student at the University of Pennsylvania where she pursued her passion for ballet. Kremer triple minored in English, sociology and anthropology, graduating cum laude in 1980.

Interesting Facts

Los Angeles Times has called "the best TV interviewer in the business of covering the NFL. Her net worth is approximated to be around $4 million.

Personal Life

Kremer is married to UMass Boston archaeologist John Steinberg, and has one son named William Steinberg. Kremer currently resides in Massachusetts with her family.


Kremer has received two Emmy Awards in her career (2001, 2005). She was also presented with the PRISM Award in 2005. She was also cited as “Best Female” sportscaster in P.O.V. magazine in a September 1997 poll.